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How to Increase Growth Hormone Release during Workout and Prevent Muscle Tissue Catabolism at the same Time!

Physical exercises are undoubtedly a powerful stimulation of secretion of GH. Under the influence of intense exercise, spikes of HGH release throughout the day become more frequent and increase in amplitude. While planning your workouts, it is also necessary to consider the interaction of growth hormone with other hormones during the exercises.

The higher the training intensity, the greater the release of GH. The power of releasing may increase during the first half of the workout, then decreases slightly. At the same time, an intensified release of sex hormones and hormones of the thyroid gland potentiates the effect of growth hormone on the tissue.

Phase 1 of Workout

During the first phase increases the release in blood of catecholamines, especially norepinephrine and epinephrine. This is phase 1 of the training stress, aimed at mobilizing the body's energy resources. It has already been said that HGH is an adaptive "stress" hormone. Insulin secretion is reduced and there is a good reason for this.

GH, sex hormones and catecholamines are contrinsuline factors that weaken both the release of insulin and its action on the tissues; otherwise, the insulin will block the mobilization of energy resources. HGH together with the catecholamines and thyroid hormones in the first place break down glycogen in the liver, which breaks down to glucose and only after that is utilized by the muscles.

Muscles, oddly enough, cannot utilize the glucose from the blood. Glucose, received from the bloodstream, firstly converted into glycogen and only then is utilized by muscles. When the glycogen deposits in the liver are over, GH, catecholamines and thyroid hormones "gang up" on fatty tissues: hypodermic, and then the inner.

Fatty acids flood the blood but utilized poorly. This requires glucose, and the reserved glucose is not enough. Muscle glycogen (many do not know about this) cannot turn into glucose and in this case, it "can do" nothing for the utilization of fatty acids. After 20 minutes of workout (in beginners) albumins of blood plasma in the liver are transformed into glucose and this newly formed glucose helps to quickly dispose of fatty acids.

However, increased levels of glucocorticoid hormones inhibit the effects of growth hormone, thyroxine and sex hormones. This is due to the fact that adrenaline stimulates peripheral serotoninergic structures of the body (nerve cells that produce serotonin in the periphery), serotonin begins to stimulate the adrenal cortex and the blood is ejected a lot of glucocorticoid hormones. Glucocorticoids enhance gluconeogenesis in the liver even more. Secretion of insulin remains depressed.

Phase 2 of Training (When and Why Catabolic Processes are Developing?)

Comes phase II of the training stress, which is characterized by a significant increase in catabolism. This increase in catabolism is due to the fact that glucocorticoid hormones spend mainly alanine amino acid on the needs of gluconeogenesis, which they take from the muscles. This leads to the development of catabolic processes in muscle tissue. 1 hour after the start of the training there will be a significant predominance of catabolic processes over anabolic.

How to Prevent Catabolism of Muscle Tissue? How to Resolve a Problem?

The conclusion is clear: training should be short enough to achieve the energy deficit in muscle and synthesis of glucose from fatty acids and glycerol. If the training will last more than this, alanine will be spent for energy needs of the body and muscle catabolism is inevitable.

Ignorant people who do not know even the basics of physiology write in popular magazines that it is necessary to "pump" every muscle for an hour to trigger muscle catabolism. The more muscle catabolism, the more, they say, develops muscle anabolism during the rest periods. Any more or less serious scientists from academia will tell you that muscular hypertrophy develops only as a response to energy deficit and nothing more. If the muscle works too long, it develops the catabolism of muscle tissue. Muscle hypertrophy may not be considered. On the contrary, the muscle begins to "dry up".

Short, High-Intensity Intervals Workout to Increase HGH Level and Prevent Muscle Catabolism

In light of the above, it becomes clear why the present trend is to shorten your workouts while increasing their intensity. In order to gain the necessary total volume of the training loads, short and often workouts needed: 2-3 times a day, and sometimes even more often. Now it is no surprise athletes who train 3 times a day for 20 minutes.

The intensity of training begins to take unprecedented forms. Some athletes carry out short high-intensity training without a break between sets. How is it done? I will give a simple example. The athlete comes to the gym and starts to do triset: squats, deadlifts, and bench press. This triset is done in the following way:

Squats warm-up, then immediately, without pause (!) deadlifts warm-up and immediately without any pause bench press. Then repeat again. Warm-up sets follow each other and after that start the main sets. The basic legs set, then without a break, the basic deadlift set, then without a break the bench press set. Continue doing so the rest of the training.

In its intensity, this workout is almost like the sprint run. It is not easy to get involved in such a high intensity, but you cannot do without the one. Firstly, in the first 0.5 hours of workout, the release of growth hormone in the blood (in quantitative terms) is directly proportional to the intensity. The higher the intensity, the greater the releasing. Secondly, without such a high intensity you will not be able to do all the exercises (sets, reps.) within the 20-30 minutes timeframe.

When in the mid 60-is of XX century, was developed the basic concept of muscle growth, it was found that growth of muscle mass is directly proportional to the amount of work done during the training. The training timeframes were not limited. In the 70s, an additional criterion was introduced – training duration. The muscle growth was directly proportional to the volume of work done by muscles and is inversely proportional to the unit of time for which the labor was performed. In equal volumes of muscular work, the maximum muscle growth was achieved, where this work was performed in the minimum amount of time.

When high-intensity workouts started to become trendy, there was a wave of popularity for different stimulants up to even taking amphetamine-type stimulants. Without such boosters, short high-intensity workouts seemed to be impossible. In order not to exhaust, the nervous system stimulants were combined with some steroids, which have a greater affinity for nervous tissue than others do. The revenge for doing so were different kinds of heart diseases.

Athletes began to become cautious. Instead of such stimulants, they started taking reparative supplements, economizers, energizers, and nootropics. This allowed doing a huge amount of work in less time with less stress on the heart muscle. The heart is now trained separately and it immediately gives better results. Athletes have reached a new, unprecedented level. That is why sprint running attained an unprecedented popularity in bodybuilders.

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